Explore Your Creativity with Designer Jewelry

Creating a Dichroic glass pendant and exploring its endless colors possibilities is truly an art. Dichroic glass has a special coating that makes the dramatic colors very reflective. It was actually used in the early 1990 for satellite mirrors and also for the re-entry tiles on space shuttles. But, we just make beautiful jewelry with it and its super easy to create your own original design. All pendants come with a 16” Silver plated chain.

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Have a jewelry party with us

Frequently asked Jewelry questions

Is jewelry hard to make?

No. Actually the this the simplest and easiest project we have in the entire studio. The hardest thing is choosing which amazing colors and size you want and we do the rest.

How much does it cost?

The cost is relavant to the size of the pendant.

Can I take this home the same day?

No it takes a week for us to finish it. Your jewelry will be put in the kiln, cold worked (shaped with grinders) and then back in the kiln for a second time.