Team Building

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success!

To have an effective team people need to work together toward a common goal in a coordinated and cooperative way. We can help you build yourself a better team in a fun, inviting way!  Our team building activities are designed to improve working relationships and team skills in problem solving and decision making.  We’ll show the group how to overcome any goal-blocking barrier, all while having fun!

Choose any two different activities for your team!

Pass The Cup

Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Your group is surprised when they discover the mug they are painting isn’t really for them!

How this works:

We give out mugs and let you group have 5-8 minutes to write down their instructions on how to paint their mug.  We shuffle the instructions amongst the group and let them paint each other’s mugs based on their instructions.


This is to stress them a bit and to try to get them to understand the need to communicate more clearly, but also understand that it’s OK if other people are allowed to interpret their instructions especially if they have the hidden talent to do so.

Cups of Inspiration

Duration: 45 minutes – 1 hour

Motivate and inspire your group during the activity as well as back in the office.

How this works:

Each person in your team gets to paint the same mug with only 3 colors.  They are given 20 minutes to complete the task. Each person is then asked to look around the room and write down one word on the table about another person in the room. The mugs are then passed around the room where each person writes their word on the set of mugs.


The goal here is not to stress everyone but instead create warmth and appreciation for the team.

In the end the mugs can be used in the office for everyone.

Blue Plate Special

Duration: 1 hour

45 minute for task + debrief time

Fast, creative thinking is needed by your group as the plan keep changing for the Blue Plate Special.

How it works:

We ask participants to design a plate using at least three shades of blue, designed with drawing or words.  As they work on their projects we surprise them with announcement changes (removing a color or tools, giving them a new color to deal with) throughout the 45 minute task.


The goal is to get the team to stress and to protect their projects and to work together.  When the time is up we can debrief at the end to see how they made them feel and what they did to overcome the problems.

Great for teams going through budget cuts or other strategic planning.

Platters of Communication

Duration: 1 hour

Its a group effort as your teams go from station to station following their own creative instructions.

How it works:

Similar to “PASS THE CUP”.  Your group breaks up into small teams.  Each team is to write down their instructions on how to decorate their platters.  They are given time to start and then they are surprised that they leave their platter and need to move from table to table with their team.


Eventually all teams decorate each other’s platter’s.  This is to demonstrate the need for effective communication, both written and verbal.

Tell Me

Duration: 1 hour

How it works:

This is for teams of three.  Two people are asked to leave the room from the team of three.   The remaining person writes instructions for the other two on how to paint a mug.   The two return and one reads the instructions while the other follow their instructions to the letter (ie: open bottle, apply paint, etc).

When the painter becomes stuck he can ask two times for a lifeline.  When they have completely become stuck they must stop.


This is to help the team to solve complex problems.  We let them finish their projects but only after they can see what worked, what didn’t work, how does this relate to the work environment.

Bubble Up

Duration: 45 minutes

How it works:

This is just a fun, multi-team activity because it involves blowing bubbles.  We break your group up into small teams where each one is given a platter and they need to create something that represents the group.  The tools provided will be brushes along with dish soap and cups, where they can use a bubble technique to cover their platters.  Its like blowing Chocolate Milk bubbles all over the project.


They get 20 min to create their platters.  When finished they explain why they created their platter that particular way.

This could be a ice-breaker project or a wrap-up project to something else they do.

Spend a unique afternoon or evening of team building with us!

Cost is $45 per person with a minimum of 8 team members.