Mini Monet Pottery Party

From: $50.00 (deposit)

Mini Monet Pottery Parties start at $175 for 8 kids but it’s just a $50 deposit today to secure your date!

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Plate are hand painted and personalized with your child’s name.

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  • Mini Monet Pottery Parties start at $175 for 8 party goers
  • You bring the kids and the cake and we do the rest!
  • Pottery to paint, 6 balloons, tablecloths, plastic-ware and plates included
  • Up to 1.5 hours of party time fun
  • Recommended for ages five (5+) and up
  • $15 each additional party goer
  • Make the party memorable and add a keepsake plate

Choose any design and we will hand paint it with your child's name for only $25.

Additional party FAQs and details

No-shows - <!-- <!-- --> --> If you have provided us a guest count past the party minimum and then have no-shows to the party we will charge an $5 no-show fee instead of their $25 attendance.  This is to simply to cover the expense of food, materials and preperation for that guest that ultimately did not show.

Parents and other non-participating guests - <!-- <!-- --> --> Space is limited!  Please communicate to parents of your participating guests that this is a drop-off event.  We have limited capacity for extra parents.  You are welcome to have one or two parents assist you with your party but we find parties work best when mom and dad of the guests have left.  If a parent is going to stay behind they will need to spend their time creating something themselves in the main studio while they wait for the conclusion of the party.   This is also true of any relatives that maybe joining you.


Tipping is greatly appreciated! - <!-- <!-- --> --> Our instructors will work hard at your party to help deliver a truly fun experence,  Tipping you party host(s) is great appreciated. "How much...” you ask?   Usually a %15 for children's parties.  While this is not required you will find that your party host(s) will work harder for you then the average waiter or waitress at a restaurant.  Again, they will truly appretiate it!


  • A non-refundable deposit is due when the reservation is made and added to your total bill.
  • Please no confetti or glitter.
  • Parents are welcome to paint any item from the studio during the party with no studio fees.